Exercise and Activity

By Dr. Brian Kosik
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Exercise is a key component in our health. Along with the higher levels of energy and strength, there are various other benefits to regular exercise. Chiropractic helps keep you moving with treatment and symptom relief through adjustments and in office care.

Health Through Activity

Obesity is something that is very prevalent in our country.  Diet and exercise are two ways that this can be controlled. Obesity leads to many different types of diseases and disorders along with the list of comorbidities that come with it. Exercise can help control weight gain by burning calories.  Sometimes this doesn’t require a trip to the gym. While the gym may offer different equipment and machines, you could also accomplish healthy activity around the house, or outside in the neighborhood. Options like stairs and household chores are enough to get the blood pumping and increase your overall health.

Activity helps increase blood flow and bodily function. This leads to prevention and management of blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and anxiety, just to name a few. By delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues, exercise helps to boost endurance and allow you to get more done. Many people who exercise regularly also report that they sleep much better at night.

man and woman exercising in park

Chiropractic and Exercise

Chiropractors usually recommend some level of activity and exercise for their patients. We are no different here at Bealer Chiro Plus. We base our recommendations off of patient tolerance to activity and current complaint pain level. As your pain level reduces with treatment, we start to gently introduce exercise into your active care plan to do at home. Usually with lower back complaints, the focus is on core stability and activation. Once the body understands how to effectively use the abdominal muscles as a brace for movement and lifting, you are less likely to experience lower back injuries or re-aggravation of a complaint. We generally have overactive lumbar muscles and underactive abdominal muscles leading to a lack of balance and symmetry in the body. When there are imbalances in our bodies, we start to have complaints and issues with pain and movement. Exercise and activity help to balance the body and prevent our muscles from becoming tight and overactive. 

line of people holding hand weights outside

Chiropractic adjustments focus on reconnecting the nervous system with the tissues and organs they innervate. Exercise helps increase blood flow, and improve muscle tone and function. An increase in blood flow allows the body to recover from injury much faster by improving the avenues by which we get the hormones and cells to heal. Think of your cardiovascular system as a type of highway where traveling vehicles are the cells that your body needs to heal from an injury, or to manage one that you already have. Exercise helps to increase the “speed limit” on the “highway” to allow these cells to get to the tissue faster. Exercise in the long term could also help to increase the capacity and strength of the vessel walls with continual activation.  If there is a lack of exercise the vessel walls could become weak and cause injury. 

* You should always consult your doctor before beginning a new or more intense routine of exercise

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Brian Kosik