Benefits of Massage Therapy

By Dr. Brian Kosik
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Many chiropractic offices offer massage therapy services. The musculoskeletal system consists of the bones and the muscles. Chiropractors work on both of these areas when performing soft tissue work and adjustments.  With all this in mind, it’s important to learn the benefits of massage therapy, and why it is a great adjunct to chiropractic care.

Massage Therapy

Many people could go for a large portion of their lives without ever having a massage. I was one of those people up until about a month or two ago. Massages are not only effective at treating physical ailments of the body, but also mental and emotional complaints as well. Massage therapy is the use of pressure to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to help an individual with muscle relaxation, stress, tension, and to improve overall bodily function.

woman getting massage therapy

What Types of Massage Are There?

There are many types of massage that support health and wellness. Swedish massage is the traditional option. It is a full body massage that helps with relaxation and reconnection of the nervous system to the body. It can directly impact your muscles and encourage relaxation and calm. 

A step up from this type is deep tissue massage. Repetitive movement and motions can cause muscles to build up tension and tightness. Sometimes the muscular result from these actions could be very bothersome and there may seem to be no option for relief, but a deep tissue massage will do the trick. Digging deeper into the muscles allows them to “unlock” and alleviates even the most chronic of issues. 

A specialized deep tissue massage towards the athletic population is a sports massage. Athletes have different muscular maintenance needs than the average person. Their bodies must be at peak condition to perform at high levels. Sports massages hone in on the exact muscles that the athlete uses in training, practice, and performance of their craft.  

Trigger point massages focus on specific points within the muscle fibers that develop over time. Tightness and creation of these spots could be due to stress or occupation. These tiny areas of

tightness and spasm can be alleviated by applying pressure for an extended period of time to increase blood flow and help them dissipate.

Myofascial release massages focus on the connective tissue under the skin. To do this, the massage therapist performs deep stretching techniques to penetrate into the fascia and open up the muscles and connections that are too tight to move freely.

A gentler option is a lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system in our bodies is responsible for removal of waste products through the lymphatic fluids in our systems. Through use of gentle touch, the therapist could open up these avenues and promote a stronger flow through the body.

For pregnant patients, prenatal massages offer relaxation for mothers to be. During the pregnancy, pressure builds up in the hips and lower back of patients, massage helps to reduce the tension and swelling in these areas. Relaxation offers great benefits to the growing baby as well.

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Chiropractic and Massage

Massage therapy is an incredible treatment for various conditions as exemplified above in the description of each type. Chiropractors love to use massage therapy in their offices because when the patient’s body is loosened up, the muscles allow the joints to move more effectively, and prolong the effects of the chiropractic adjustment.

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Brian Kosik