Can I Benefit from Chiropractic Care If I’m Not in Pain?

By Dr. Brian Kosik
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Chiropractic care can provide tremendous relief when you’re in pain, however many patients wonder if it’s worthwhile to get adjustments when they’re feeling well. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of chiropractic care and when treatment makes sense.
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When to Get Chiropractic Care

The best part of being a chiropractor is seeing the positive outcomes that adjustments and treatment have on patients’ lives. Chiropractic care is usually started when patients are experiencing pain or discomfort in their everyday life. Treatment alleviates these symptoms by freeing up areas in the spine or other joints where the nervous system signals are restricted due to biomechanical changes in the joint.  Adjustments are performed in these areas to reduce the signal disruption and to allow for maximum communication from the brain to the body.  Although treatment is performed when the patient is experiencing pain, chiropractic is best utilized when there is no pain. Maintenance or wellness adjustments are the reason why chiropractic is so beneficial.

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The Importance of Tuning Up Your Vehicle

Making appointments and keeping appointments when you’re not experiencing any pain is a cornerstone of holistic health.  Think of it like maintenance on your vehicle, or like going to the dentist for your 6 month/yearly checkup.  It’s important to maintain your nervous system and spinal alignment through monthly checkups and adjustments. With our vehicles, we have regularly scheduled oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotation and care, and inspections to keep the car functioning late into its life on the road. 

This is the same with our bodies, we require these check ups to avoid any major issues down the road. With each adjustment, we are training and educating the body on what normal alignment and posture are. When we are operating in these conditions, we heal faster, and recover quicker from injuries because our bodies have been “taught” what normal alignment feels like.

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Is It Time to Schedule Your Chiropractic Appointment?

As rewarding as it has been through my career to treat patients and relieve their pain, it’s even more rewarding for me to show patients what true chiropractic care can achieve with just a little more effort and time for monthly visits when pain is no longer a factor. These positive outcomes of treatment are the most fulfilling and with each patient that we transition to wellness care, my love for this profession grows. 

Being able to take care of yourself through holistic means with little to no medication or invasive methods is the key to your health. Sure, we see plenty of “patch and fix” care through the years, but when patients come in when symptoms are negligible or non-existent, true, optimal health can be achieved. Our health is our most valuable asset. Being proactive about your own care can start today.

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