Joe Paws Dog Bakery to Host Dr. Bealer’s Seminar on Animal Chiropractic

Joe Paws Dog Bakery is pleased to host Dr. Jennifer Bealer, D.C. on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 PM as the speaker of their monthly educational seminar.   Dr. Bealer will discuss animal chiropractic care.  The monthly educational series focuses attention on topics that animal owners find useful for raising healthy, happy pets.
Dr. Bealer is a licensed chiropractor and owner of Bealer Chiro Plus in Boyertown.  In addition, she is certified as an animal chiropractor by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  She provides customized care to horses, dogs, cats and other animals.  The seminar will focus on what animal chiropractic care is, how to recognize when care is needed and the various benefits of animal chiropractic treatment.
Dr. Bealer who has been a practicing chiropractor since 2004 originally wanted to be a veterinarian.  While studying animal science as an undergraduate, she injured her neck and suffered from chronic headaches.  After receiving chiropractic care and finding relief, she changed her focus to becoming a chiropractor.  Years later, after starting her practice, one of her dogs developed back problems.  “I began to adjust him and after the adjustments, his back problems improved.  I did some research and discovered that there were schools that actually taught animal chiropractic.  It (animal chiropractic) seemed to make sense to me.  I was able to merge my love of animals with my knowledge of chiropractic.” Dr. Bealer graduated from the animal chiropractic program at Options for Animals (located in Wellsville, Kansas) in August of 2011 and is in the process of building her animal practice with referrals from local veterinarians, etc.
Dr. Bealer notes that her typical animal clients are those that have experienced trauma or injury, are of advanced age or have degenerative joints, hip dysplasia or poor conformation.  The goals of animal chiropractic care include relief of pain and symptoms, return to full function and optimizing health. Additional goals include reduction of the severity and frequency of recurrences and the prevention of the development of degeneration.  Animal chiropractic care is meant to be integrated with concurrent primary veterinary care and should never be a replacement for traditional veterinary medicine.
The seminar is free of charge and will take place at Joe Paws Dog Bakery, located at 18 South Reading Avenue, Boyertown.   All are welcome but registration is necessary since space is limited. Pets are not permitted at this seminar so that a calm environment can be maintained as Dr. Bealer will demonstrate chiropractic care on a dog.
For more information on the animal education series or to register, contact Linda Flederbach at Joe Paws Dog Bakery at 610-369-2523 or by emailing  For more information on Bealer Chiro Plus or to schedule an appointment for animal chiropractic, contact Dr. Jennifer Bealer at, or at 610-689-3700.  Information can also be found at

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